After-School and Summer Camps

American School of Karate & Judo on Industrial After-School and Summer Camps


Who says learning has to end when the school day ends? For students who attend our after-school programs education is at the core of their time here and they may not even realize it! Our dedicated and experienced staff works to identify the interests of every child who walks through our doors, and crafts fun, learning-based activities in an effort to keep them continually engaged.

These educational efforts are coupled with sports and physical activities like dance, tumbling, martial arts and more. This comprehensive, holistic approach results in tangible growth and development for students. Whether it’s boosted grades, improvements in reading and writing capabilities, or simply an increase in self-confidence, we’ve seen very real change in students thanks to the programs at American School of Karate and Judo on Industrial.

Summer Camps

American School of Karate and Judo cares about the success of our students. Whether you want more personal training or simply a space to get away, our after school programs and summer camps are right for you! We’ll help you reach your goals and become the best martial artist you can be.

Our people reflect our mission of putting students first. Having worked with children from all backgrounds and walks of life, including those with special needs, we understand and maintain the high level of care that we’ve established as a cornerstone of our programs.

American School of Karate & Judo on Industrial

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