The Harvey Oaks branch of the American School of Karate & Judo is the hottest spot for martial arts in West Omaha! Whether you're a kid wanting to know what martial arts is all about, or a young adult seeking self-discovery through a rewarding and ancient discipline, or someone middle-aged looking to get in better shape, the Harvey Oaks branch is where you'll find it all.

Bryan Hilson, Owner & Head Instructor
5th Degree black belt

American School of Karate & Judo at Harvey Oaks, Martial Arts, Omaha, NE
Mr. Bryan Hilson has been with ASKJ since 1984 and currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt. After receiving his black belt in 1986, Mr. Hilson spent the next 10 years assisting at the YMCA. In 1996, Mr. Hilson tested in front of a panel of Grandmasters, including Grandmaster John Byrne, at the WHFSC's Annual International Convention in New York. He was promoted from a 3rd Degree Black Belt to a 5th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Bryne. Mr. Hilson was inducted into the WHFSC Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2013 for Outstanding Instruction.

Grandmaster Byrne is Mr. Hilson's instructor and mentor.

Harvey Oaks 14624 W Center Rd Omaha, Nebraska 68144 (402) 968-6778
5:45-6:30pm Junior Beginner

6:30-7:15pm Junior Advanced

7:15-8:00pm Adults (all ranks)

5:45-6:30pm Beginner (all ages)

6:30-7:30pm Advanced (all ages)

10:00-10:45am Junior Beginner

10:45-11:30pm Junior Advanced

11:30-12:15pm Adult (all ranks)

$95/month for 1st student
$65/month for 2nd student
$45/month for each additional student
$225/month maximum for a family of 4 or more.


$10/class for drop in
The ASKJ After School Program offers a great alternative to traditional daycare. Students learn self-defense, respect, confidence, and self-control all before their parents leave work. ASKJ provides transportation from most surrounding schools and provides a daily snack for all participants. Daily classes include martial arts instruction, anti-bully training, supervised homework, various fitness activities, and much more!

Classes are held daily after school until 6:00 pm.

Pricing Information:
$60/week for each additional family member
Payments made every other Monday.

(402) 968-6778

Harvey Oaks
14624 W Center Rd
Omaha, Nebraska 68144